Saturday, June 16, 2012


Not talking to each other?  Playing the distance game, very distant?  So how do we get back?

If you did some serious sh*t to each other, well, that’s another story.  That might require marital surgery!

BUT most of the time, it's just little sh*t that becomes really annoying and hurtful.  So annoying and so hurtful that it’s like a fire and when the fire is too hot, of course, we move away.  We sleep on the outer mattress ridge.  How do we do that?  Total and Absolute Definance of gravity especially when many of us are carrying around a few extra pounds!  We say more to the dog than we do to each other.  We slam a few doors and make lots of sighing sounds. 

So here is a simple exercise to get BACK into the dance with each other.  Sit on the floor BACK TO BACK and sit there for awhile or for as long as you desire.  BUT try to stay for awhile.  See what it feels like to have each other’s back.  Keep doing this each day, keep coming back, till you find a path (and you will) to go front to front!  This exercise may seem hokey to you especially if you get exquisite pleasure at being distant and even more pleasure out of the pain you see on the other person's face.

But get into the Nike thing.  Just do it.  Love is a decision and this can be one of those decisions.  Don't be a cat about it.  Don't be a Puss!   When you are, you look as ridiculous as a fat cat!


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