Friday, April 28, 2017


Available now

I'm happy to announce that the revised edition is now here and available.  There are two major changes which you will enjoy.  The editorial tone has changed from "I" speaking to you the reader to "we" speaking with each other.  And there is one additional chapter entitled "Know There Is A God."

This new chapter is not about religion but about the impasses in our relationship where we experience ourselves as just plain stuck and seemingly unable and definitely unwilling to move.  The chapter invites us to see the impasses as opportunities to move beyond ourselves as two ego's and acknowledge a God of our own understanding, our Source, if you will, Who is ALWAYS there for us, and who will provide the path beyond our impasses if we only let go.

Yes, the chapter encourages us to let go or "surrender," the same way we let go or surrender to water so we can float and swim.  This chapter concludes with simple prayers for both believers and non-believers!  What a deal!

As we often do in our relationships, I have neglected this blogsite, and I look forward to hanging out here more frequently.

If this is your first time here, please note the wonderful articles from previous years, a total of fifty to date.  Browse through them. Easy reads on topics pertinent to all of our relationships.

Thanks for reading.  Come back again and again.