Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Good Morning, Good Wednesday Morning!

Today, we are going to look at SELF WORTH .  When we talk about SELF WORTH, we are not referring to self esteem.  Sometimes, these terms are used synonymously, but they have very different meanings and are used in conversation very differently.

Self esteem is used in the context of performance or achievement.  So we say things like, "It'd really give his self esteem a boost if he got a hit right now....if he got a decent grade in that class....if he landed a lucrative job....if he got picked for the chorus....if he danced the routine without falling....if he won the race....if he sold some of his art work today at the show....."

These statements are about performance and achievement.  They say nothing about the person's inner innate worth that is ALWAYS there to be tapped into.  It is the place where God lives and is not at all dependent upon performance, money, job, grades, dating the prom queen, getting a promotion or any other achievement.

Self worth is that place inside where I know I am somebody just because.  I really know I have absolute worth even at those moments of great loss.  Self worth never diminishes, never goes away.

I can forget I have self worth and I can feel worthless, but the self worth itself is always there.  We are always priceless even when we don't feel priceless.

So when I am totally connected to my inner value, my inner worth, I will find a way to see and recognize your differences, accept them, and love you for your differences.  When I get disconnected from my inner worth, other people's differences scare me to death, to the point I just might see them as FOREIGN and as dangerous, as someone I need to go to war with, as someone I need to wipe out.

HOW SAD IS THAT?  But think about it on a smaller scale, like divorce or ending a perfectly good friendship.

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