Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Sometimes wise folks tell us that men and women compliment each other as to their personality types.  Whether or not this is, in fact true, as human beings, we have the ability to CHOOSE to see it that way (Page 61).

Now that is an interesting notion, right?  So if you are neat freak, and I am a slob, we can choose to see us as complimentary.  Or we can see us as incompatible.  The choice is ours.  Think about it.

If we allow ourselves to remain connected to the initial good energy that brought us together, we can choose to see all of our differences as complimentary.  Think about it some more.

Now one more thing to ponder.  We only get annoyed with our loved one's differences when they somehow or another seemingly cause us pain or create pain in the relationship.  Now that is assuming that something outside of you can cause you pain, but otherwise, we are enthralled with our partner's differences.

What's your take?  Leave a comment.

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