Friday, June 8, 2012


Do I marry or enter into relationships with someone or people like myself or folks who are different and how different?

I don’t think it matters.  What does matter is that you really know who you are and what makes you tick and really know who the other person is and what makes them tick.  And then you have to decide.
The OTHER can be exactly like you, but then there may not be room in the relationship for two people the same!  If you are both spenders, for example, you will bankrupt yourselves in a heart beat even a love heartbeat!

If one of you is a neatnik and the other a slob, you can either compliment each other or have on going wars over the cleanliness of the bedroom or the bathroom.  I mean WAR, dirty, nasty, homicidal war!

HERE'S THE RELEVANT QUESTION.  Do you love each other and are you willing to go the distance regardless of your similarities or differences?  Are you willing to work with this other person, work to create a life giving relationship for each other?  Are you both willing to do the hokey things like when you wake up in the morning, turn toward each other and ask, “Will you marry me today?” and unequivocally answer yes to each other EVERY day no matter how you are feeling.

Differences or similarities are irrelevant if you are not able to look at each other each morning and commit and bring life and joy to each other in that commitment.

Want some support in going the distance.  The entire book is available to you on AMAZON or if you are a B & N fan BARNES & NOBLE.

If you live in Yucaipa, the book is available at the Paperback Exchange on California Street just south of Yucaipa Blvd or stop by the office.

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