Saturday, June 2, 2012


     In the words of Billy Crystal, "you are mawvelous, Dawlin'"  And not only are you "mawvelous," but you are very different from me.  The mawvelous differences are what make you and I an US, and an US different from any other US in the world. The mawvelous differences are what draw us together and what we find attractive about each other.  And yes, they also become the sore spots and what drive us apart at some point.  How does that happen?

     It is probably less important to understand the phenomenon but more important to have an awareness of the phenomenon so we can enjoy the phenomenon instead of having a knee jerk reaction to it.  Like "O my God, how can you....?   O my God, how could you....?"

    So I love you dearly Dawlin'.  You are so easy going, never uptight.  Nothing ever seems to rattle you.  You really go with the flow.  And you told me you love me because I am so traditional, so clear about what I like and don't like, so clear about what is right for me and what is wrong for me.

     And after a few years, you, Dawlin' are not only easy going, but lackadaisical.  What was it?  Three bills paid late this month.  Yes, I know, the electricity never got shut off, but still.  And we always get to the movies after the lights go out and yes, we are never late for the feature movie, but still, I'd prefer to get there in time to see where we are sitting and have enough time to calmly get some popcorn and drinks and have enough time for a jaunt to the men's room without having to run up and down the stairs! 

     And yes, I know, you are getting upset with how rigid I am at times, how uptight I get over little things, and how critical I am of your ways of doing the dishes or even putting a stamp on an envelope.  Well, I just don't think the stamp is supposed to be upside down!   And I don't know what to say about the bed.  I just like to crawl into a made bed at night instead of crawling into a mish mash pile of sheets and blankets where we are both grabbing like kids for our share of the bedding!

     Yes, mawvelous differences.  They can be endearing or triggers.  And yes, they are enduring!

     Enjoy sharing with each other your mawvelous differences, laugh about them and cry about them as well if you need to and forgive each other for being mawvelously different if that is necessary as well.


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