Thursday, June 14, 2012


So you are looking for a partner?  From The Frying Pan To The Jacuzzi: Gourmet Recipes For A Gourmet Relationship  is a good read for you.  It is packed full of information from a wide variety of perspectives including psychological, spiritual, and even neurobiological.  The initial chapters describe the various kinds of relationships including the ones made in heaven and the ones made in heaven.

The book is fun and easy to read and provides you a good measure of your personal and relational strengths and limitations thus far in your life.  The book will give you the assessment tools necessary to take a close-up look at who you are as an individual and who you become as a partner.  The book will also help you determine whether or not you behave as an all-growed up person in relationships or persist in being a kid.

Be open to all the book has to offer you.  Being without a partner is a good time for you to take down your defenses with yourself and learn as much as you can about YOU.

The bottom line is not to find the right person, but for you to be the right person.

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