Sunday, June 17, 2012


Father’s Day can be one of those special days filled with special moments.  As Dads, we may automatically assume it is a day the Love of our life is going to make love to us, but it may also be a day when she thinks of all the ways you have not been a father!  OMG!  Yes, give you a break, you say, but I’m just being real here and as men, we gotta be real!

And yes, Sarah.  You are so correct.  Abraham is an old fart, smokes way too much hashish, sits around under palm trees all day long and hears voices which he claims to be God even to the point of telling you, you will conceive a son in your old age.  “Hell, no,” you shout!  But take pity on poor ol’ Abe and give him a little, for crying out loud.

Okay, don’t read this blog ever again.  Hey, I wasn’t posting this blog on Mother’s Day!  But I will write something on your behalf next year!

Well, here is the bottom line, Dad.  You want this to be a special day?  Should have been planning for it to be special about a month ago!  Too late?  Not really, but begin by giving more than you are expecting.  Maybe you might enjoy getting up a little early, get the coffee going, and cook breakfast for everyone.  How about that?

Be extra kind ALL DAY to everyone.  Be solicitous, affectionate, non demanding, no groping.  No, you don’t have to mow the lawn.  But maybe take her to a chic flick in the afternoon!  And NOTICE ALL the little ways she makes love to you all day today even though you have been a jerk lately!

Come on, stop whining.  Hey, you wanna get some tonight?  Then do what I tell ya!

Tomorrow, get together with your Love and talk about how special today was and still is in your memories.  Then ANCHOR this special moment so you can replay this special moment when you seem to be drowning in one of those hopeless moments. 

Still don’t get it?  Read Chapter Seventeen, Anchor Those Special Moments.  And Chapter Seventeen will show you how to anchor.

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