Saturday, February 15, 2014


So you’re wanting something to happen? You’re wanting someone to change?  You’re wanting to make a move in your life?  You’re wanting to heal? You’re wanting someone else to heal? You’re wanting to set out on a journey?  You’re wanting to set out on an adventure?  You’re wanting to cross a finish line?  Yes, any finish line.   You’re wanting to create something new, totally new? You’re wanting to create something new from something old?

The questions and variations on the questions are infinite.

So first, be sure that what you are looking at (not hoping for) is in line.  In line with what? Whatever or Whomever you line up with.  Many folks line up with God or a Higher Power, and of course, God or Higher Power looks differently for different people.  Some folks line up with a kind of inner ethic or inner way of living. Whatever or Whomever it is you line up with, be sure that what you are looking at lines up.

I used the phrase looking at instead of hoping for because hoping for can leave your “dream” in the realm of fantasy and impossibility.  When I am looking at my dream, it is real, it is already here in my imagination.

Then ENVISION what you want or desire to happen, again, what you are LOOKING AT. Envision in great great detail as if you are making a documentary video.  See very clearly in your mind, in your mind’s eye, in your soul, and above all, IN YOUR IMAGINATION what you are looking at.  

Then allow yourself to experience the emotions that go with your vision.

*So I allow myself to feel excited and proud that my book is on the best sellers list even though at this moment in time, it appears not to be so.

*I allow myself to feel the overwhelming emotion of watching a film and hearing the soundtrack my son composed.

*I allow myself to experience the wonder and awe of the phone ringing and ringing with new business day after day after day.

*I allow myself to feel the relief and resolve that comes with someone I love so dearly calling and saying, “it’s all okay, we are going to make it....we’re going to get through this....I need to take a different path....we need to take a different bring us closer together....”

*I allow myself to feel the relief and freedom that comes with someone I have loved saying, “I am so sorry I have so mistreated you....I’m getting healing for myself....I understand now....I am ready to let go....I am ready to let go of you and everyone and everything I try so desperately to control....I’m going to live my own life....I am going to stop trying to get even....”

*I allow myself to feel the relief and strength that comes with someone I have loved saying, “I’m ready to accept and love YOU instead of the you I think you should be or the you I wanted you to be, and I’m ready to accept whatever that means for you or whatever that means for us.”

Whatever that vision is in your mind, in your mind’s eyes, in your soul, and above all else, in your imagination, allow yourself the emotions that go with the vision already happening NOW.
Then go about living life as if the vision is your reality.  Treat loved ones as if they have already changed or have already said all those wonderful, loving, and insightful statements. Get up in the morning as if your book is on the best sellers list. Get ready for work as if the phone is going to ring off the hook.  Deposit your money for the day as if you already have a million dollars in your account. Run that 2.5 miles as if you have already run a zillion marathons.

BEWARE of allowing impatience to creep in, disillusionment to set in, and the words, “this will never happen....I was stupid for ever imagining....What’s wrong with me?....Why do I keep hoping?”  And when you hear yourself saying, “why do I keep hoping,” realize your vision has slipped from being a reality into a “hope for.”  "Hope for's" do tend to fade away with time, with disappointment, with disillusionment, with emotional and even physical exhaustion, with age! The key here is to continue the vision and holding the vision in your imagination where you hold it to be real and already here.

When we allow our vision to slip into a “hope for” or to just fade away completely, we are giving up on our dreams, perhaps even giving up on the people we love so dearly, giving up on our Senior Partner, giving up on our own creative self, GIVING UP.

So if you have given up recently, I extend my hand to you to rekindle your imagination, your dream, go beyond your “hope for” to your vision.   See it, see it, see it.  Believe in your vision.  Allow yourself to experience the emotions of your vision. You have nothing to lose and your vision to gain.

I must say none of the above belongs to me.  It has been passed on to me by “folks” like God, other folks like Wayne Dyer, Lao Tsu, Alberto Villoldo, Neal Donald Walsh, Julia Cameron, Bob Berg, Andy Andrews, and so many others. There are folks like Jay Martin who lives in the place we call heaven who has walked with me faithfully in recent years, holding me safe, leading me on to places in my life I never knew existed, but here I am.  There are folks, like David Bradley, who lives in Morro Bay the last I checked, who also holds me safe by not allowing me to slip into a “hope for” spot, not even for a second.  

And in whatever way, I can be a cheerleader for you and your dreams, I will cheer.  The best way I can cheer for you is to see you in your vision myself, so now your dream exists in two imaginations.  And the more “folks” you invite to envision with you, the more imaginable your dream becomes.


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