Thursday, February 10, 2011


What is the very BEST gift to RECEIVE on Valentine’s Day?

I’ve heard it said that women like to receive jewelry, and I heard a very funny joke from a woman friend about how women get jewelry.  Unfortunately I can’t tell it here!

It is rumored that besides jewelry, women also like flowers, chocolates, a CARD, and AFFECTION.

Men have the reputation of being satisfied with a romp in the bed or if they are farmers, a romp in the hay.  I think most men would be willing to forgo the romp for just a little sex!  What?  Romp and sex are the same?  Oh!

But aside from what is rumored about men and women, what IS the best gift that you can RECEIVE on Valentine’s Day?  What is going to make your heart grow fonder?

I think we have probably become pretty good at GIVING what we think will please the other person, and maybe even skillful at taking and demanding, but this RECEIVING “thing” is another story.

I know for some of us, perhaps the best gift to receive would be FREEDOM and not FREEDOM from but FREEDOM within.  And it is a gift that we can receive only from ourselves.  Wow!  Imagine that.  So we can’t blame anyone for not giving it to us!  We can’t blame anyone if we are not free.

And as I look back over my 65 years of being in relationships, I have to ask myself what stopped me from giving myself that freedom?  Why did I hold my breath for so long?  Why did I blame so many other people for strangling me, choking me, holding me hostage?  How did I allow myself to be possessed in relationships?  At rock bottom, it was probably FEAR that drove me to give up my freedom.

Although these following gifts are also gifts that I really can give myself and perhaps better give myself, they are also gifts which are kind of cool to RECEIVE from another person.

❦For you to tell me that you love me.

Come on, guys, get the words out.  Practice in the car till the words become second nature.  Of course, you don’t talk like that, because you’re an idiot.  Come on, the three most simplest words.  Stop making it so difficult.  Just say them.  Forget whether or not you talk like that.

❦For you to tell me that I am sexy.

❦For you to tell me that I am intelligent and you think I am smart, perhaps tell me I am smarter than you!

❦For you to tell me that you trust me....with the car keys and the new car!

❦For you to tell me I am beautiful.

It’s all just simple stuff, right?  If you cannot give these simple gifts, then maybe, it’s a worth a good look at your “relationship” and maybe it isn’t a relationship.

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